hangovers and 2009

and a happy happy 2009 - for the first time ever, no new year hangover - which is a bit of a shame because i was included in the hangover cures on etsy storque article - a great start to 2009 i have to admit.
but how cute and gorgeous is indifferent pill over at chimeracrochet's etsy shop ! brilliant. although i have a sneeky suspicion that 2009 is going to be a far from indifferent year!


Chimera Crochet said...

Haha! I love making indifferent things, especially pills and carrots. Thanks for the shoutout beautiful!

Blueberry Park said...

Hi. I found you via your Etsy homepage appearance this morning and so pleased I have! Having seen the -3 degrees out there I'm very tempted by the hottie :-) Looking forward to reading more. Karen