birthday wishes its birthday time this weekend - a day to feel pampered (and old...) - i'm lucky this year as i get to have my very first hermes scarf - i've always wanted one and now of course i can't decide which one to have (sigh...why only one...)
i saw this one which i think is rather gorgeousAdd Image called indian dust from the new range.
and then i got to thinking about using the scarves in the home - came across this lovely pillow from grovenyc which just looks absolutely gorgeous and decadent

and over at noun they've put the scarves on the wall.

i'll let you know if i even manage to tie mine attractively. in the meantime, if you've never had a look, go to the hermes website - the illustrations (never mind the goods) are a treat.

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CashmereLibrarian said...

Enjoy your beautiful scarf! But beware--they're addictive!
Happy Birthday!