works in progress

the handmade cambridge fair is next weekend (4 april - click here for details) - not long to go. i had a look at all the wool that i have bought in my two recent trips to cape town and realised there's a lot (a lot!) to do - basically all the wool pictured needs to be turned into creations and all of a sudden i'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

in the meantime though, i've just done a ruched cushion (still to be finished off) in a beautiful grey - a south african wool called elle gold double knit. much softer than what i'm used to working with and the colours (you can see in the top basket) are absolutely fabulous.

more creations to be posted soon - way too much to do in the meantime....

ha! i've just seen a post over at skinny laminx on the knitting group i managed to say hello to in cape town on my way back to london on saturday!


TheDecoDetective said...

Hi Tanya,
Thanks for posting that lovely comment! Hope to see you around! I noticed your Norwegian heritage and got a bit curious; would you mind terribly if I asked from where your family origins?

L'Atelier said...

the wool looks scrumptious, it was fabulous meeting you on saturday! (was the gal sitting to your left)
looking forward to seeing what you going to make with them