free crafty downloads....

i got one of these wonderful downloads and have stuck it in front of me at work here (i have a full-time job as well as knitting) - she reminds me of what's important.

i got mine via Indie Fixx who is running a "feed your soul" art installation (if that's the correct descrption) - they are all wonderful and such a great idea, but for me, Sarah from craftyfolk - her little lady is the one.
part of the intsallation is linked to the feed your soul flickr group - you get to upload your pic around your download (huh?)- so i though i would add my contribution - a little difficult taking a pic of yourself knitting....but its worth a try at least.

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L'Atelier said...

i love it! its great and yes i can see that it suits you love the pic and knit photo too :) it's 4dimentional knitting ;)
will go and check out the page, thank you for sharing