i have found the most gorgeous knitting books in the form of melanie falick - she of the knit cafe series of books. reading her story of how she was taught to knit by her grandmother reminded me of my grandmother and how she taught me. the thing that i like about melanie's books (and patterns) is they're warm - filled with warmth and comfort for knitting and knitters - so utterly inspiring.
knitting lingerie style is just one of the books around and i couldn't resist posting a couple of the most beautifully delicate knits - i wish i had the time to make something for myself!

when i do find the time though, i reckon i'm going to be knitting one of these very pretty skirts.


L'Atelier said...

how did i manage to miss this post?!
i love the skirt!!!

Jesse said...

Ah, these are yummy! I have a stash of vintage underwear patterns - but saving up for the silk/cashmere blends I think they deserve is taking some time.

Astrid said...

knitted lingerie? that's new to me. looks nice.