knit inspirations

i know its generally supposed to be a winter thing, but i love knitted slippers - you can never have enough knitted slippers i thought a little personal knitted-slipper-treasury of my own would be in order.
first, i treated myself to these the other day from derin mavi's etsy shop here - very pretty patterns if i must say so myself.
and some more knitted slippers i've found.
moocowhandknits on the left and scarfmaker on the right
and organic wools from TheCrocodileRock

and talking about knitted luxuries, i'm in the middle of making my first pair of kid mohair leg warmers in prepartion for my "teachingpeopletoknit" thing i'm doing. i'll be putting up pictures and providing information soon.


L'Atelier said...

i love knitted slippers (must be my turkish blood)
here they suddenly seem a lifesaving things (with winter on its stride)
ejoy yours

TheDecoDetective said...

I use woolen socks almost all around the year - but then again, I do live in Norway.
It's so great that you teach people to knit; it's super important to preserve these skills for the future - and it's a great way of being creative as well!

Selin said...

Thank you for featuring my slippers, Tanya!

Slippers are forever!!