i was going to proudly display a photo of my finished table runner - but it completely failed - so what you see instead is a photo record of that which is about to be pulled out. i'm not quite sure what went wrong - it may be a combination of the colour and the stitch. i suppose its the only way to learn.... in the meantime though - i've decided to put myself on an upholstery course (my love for rubbish furniture in need of a makeover is responsible for this idea) so to get things going, i've been trawling some of the fabric sellers on ebay and decided on these for my fantasy furniture remakes (can you tell i'm loving the deer....)

if you want the details of where the fabric was found - let me know and i'll send you the links.


Jesse said...

Oh, commiserations on the table runner.... at least one good thing about knitting is that you can undo it and start again (unlike sewing). I hope the next attempt works out more to your liking. And the upholstery course sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

ohhh upholstery course!!! I recently did my dining chairs, and it was really fun, I would love to go on a proper course...

...i keep walking past battered old chairs and thinking wonder if i could re-upholster and sell that?!

Good Luck!!! :D