selvedge magazine launch

i think i'm one of the luckiest people - you see, the new selvedge shop is within walking distance from home.
saturday past was the launch of the shop and L from lady luck rules ok and S from sanna panda and i went for a look see.
so gorgeous is all i can say. loved everything in the shop - there's a fantastic selection of wonderful textile / craft / art / fashion books and of course all the back issues of selvedge you could wish for.
the ladies from selvedge are really wonderful and when the launch was all over, the shop transforms into their office as well. thank you also for the cupcakes ;-) we'll definitely be back.
all the information you need can be found here (don't you just love their advertising shot for the opening...)


L'Atelier said...

I am so so jealous! i wish i could take a stroll to the selvedge shop- meanwhile its not only lots and lots of miles away i also struggle to get my hands on the gorgeous magazine over here!
the shots are too cute love those white panamas...

Lucrecer said...

Wanted to stop by your blog and say hello. Looking forward to Unravelling with you.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

You seem to be the type of person i could read all day.

Looking forward to our adventures in unravelling. This could be an exciting ride!

TTFN~~Claudia ♥

Tonya said...

nice to meet you on the road to unravelling.