knit inspirations

this is brilliant. crafty lot from knit the city - turning london into a knitted city, one landmark at a time.

if you get a chance, please go and read their story of how they knitted the telephone booth - its brilliant and its meticulously planned and worked out.

and of course, the requisite ticket was issued "seen decorating telephone box for photographic session"

well done all from knit the city - very very cool.

happy weekend everyone.


Clare said...

Did they get in real trouble or just piece of paper trouble? I saw this on another website, it is seriously impressive! Wish I'd seen it for real.

Deadly Knitshade said...

Lucky for us just piece of paper trouble. :)

Thanks for the link.

Knit the City x

denise said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pic of the ticket they got issued!!! It's brilliant!