knit inspirations

apologies to all those that are not cat fans on this one, but i have a cat - some people have called him a rubbish cat, but to me, he's absolutely beautiful - he came all the way with me from cape town to london (and spent 6 months in quarantine for his efforts - i'm sorry).
so, trawling around looking for some inspiration, i came across this every so cool handknit kitty basket from interweave knits weekend
i'm thinking a wonderful lime colour should work quite nicely and in fact i think i'm actually going to give it a go, i'm just not convinced kitty is going to use it considering he has the whole bed to sprawl out on, but you never know with these cats....
fyi - this is not my kitty...although it is a gorgeous kitty nonetheless.


tanja said...

um, maybe if you fill the cushion with catnip?

strikk handknits said...

hee hee - catnip....but then it'll just roll around in it and break everything!