window shopping

spending a whole week in bed with flu can leave you feeling a little cooped up and longing for an ordinary life - so, thank goodness for online shopping (well, not exactly shopping - should probably call it online drooling....) and no better place to drool than anthropologie - i haven't had a chance to get down to the london shop, but hopefully soon.
i thought i would get a head start though and found these fair isle sweater clocks
and then over in this corner, very cute ski cap candles
and then finish off with a sweater sleeve candle.
there, that's my shopping done for the week.


Helen Rawlinson said...

Wow, that's like a replica of my week. Hope you're feeling better soon! Those clocks look gorgeous. I must get me to that shop!!! Thanks for the reminder. x

Helen Rawlinson said...

EEEk just checked the price on the clocks! Better stick to drooling too!
Lovely though.