fair feedback

about two weeks ago (um, goodness, already...) i did the we make fair in the chelsea town hall.
it was great fun and a great success - absolutely loved doing it - not only because i got to sell with some of my talented friends, but i also got to spend time in the most amazing hall.
hey, i even had queen elizabeth I looking down on me....thanks liz, you made it all pretty special.

i'm in cape town at the moment, enjoying a bit of sun and spending time with family for christmas - oh, and knitting away whilst i sit on the beach - there's new things being made and will be posted up pretty soon.


tanja said...

that looks like some hall, sorry I couldn't make it but hey, your knits look gorgeous. knitting on the beach eh? lekker.

L'Atelier said...

wleocme to the fairest of capes.
the fair looks amazing. and your knits even better
looking forward to seeing what you creating on the beach!