a bunch of tarts

this past saturday, our knitting club (we're calling ourselves the dropped stitches - see what we did there) went on tour and became tarts for the day!
we spent the day at the "best boutique hotel in london" - 40 winks in mile end, london. it is he
most glamorous venue.
when we arrived, we were instructed to take our shoes off and were given slippers to walk around in. we were then presented with a teacup and spent the rest of the day sipping gin cocktails and champagne out of teacups (i think this is the new way to drink cocktails!).
and then we were pampered - our make-up was done, our hair was set in lovely vintage victory rolls, we got to try on hats, vintage dior gowns and then could have our fortune told. in between, we learnt to make cocktails like a true hostess, and how to put on seamed stockings (there's an art to this, trust me).
and by the end, we had had the most fabulous fabulous day. i love victory rolls. and i love 40 winks - definitely the best boutique hotel in london!.


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Spectacular! Looks like such a good time.

Jesse said...

Wow! It looks wonderful!