new on strikk

well, two new mentions, first some handknitted containers that turned out better than expected!  initially i wasn't too sure about the moss stitch on containers, but i think they worked out pretty well (so much so, i've finally kept something that i've knitted for myself and they're proudly on display in the flat).
and then in the other bit of news, i've opened a new shop on the wonderfully named site of ugly be gone.  i'm very excited abuot this and have decided to use this lovely site for some strikk handknit experimenting.  keep your eyes peeled as i'll be adding some new items shortly.
you can find the different colours on my etsy shop here and on the new shop of ugly be gone here.

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L'Atelier said...

congrats to the new shop, and love the vessels! super ingenious and mega stylish!