friday foto, on a monday (again)

i keep ending up doing my friday fotos on a monday for some reason - maybe a new name like "monday montage" might be more appropriate - or not.  some images from a recent wedding in frosta, northern norway.
the lounge in the middle of a very, very icy fjord.  the birds seem to make more use of it than anyone or anything else.
on the right, part of the traditional norwegian bunad (costume) - loving the socks, or the legs, not quite sure which one :-)


tanja said...

gorgeous pics - they have a spirit of place. love the textures - the water, the grasses and meadow. specially heart the decaying jetty one.

Anton Marshall said...

Yeah the fjord is nice. But I really love the two pics of houses. Buildings say so much about living in a space. Awesome pics, Robinsonsen.

Mette said...

Nothing like a man's legs in a bunad.