its all in the name

we've been thinking about names lately - more specifically, relooking and re-thinking strikk as a name, as a brand and as a business.  
it was great to attend last night's etsy uk meet-up with matt - really gave some food for thought on all things branding and marketing which i'll update shortly.
in the meantime, it really is all in the name, and i couldn't help noticing all the fantastic street names in edinburgh - here's just a few of my favourites.


Jennifer said...

I'm curious about your thoughts! I love "strikk" I think it's perfect, but I totallly understand changing to do what's right for you and our business. I went in a whole new direction recently!

L'Atelier said...

got good memories in some of those!
have you relocated? i am sorry been off caught up in life, so am totally out of the loop
looking forward what you come up with and also to more tips on marketing

L'Atelier said...

tried to comment before so this might be a double
got good memories in some of these fab named streets
what you doing in Edinburgh?
looking forward to more... :)

mayab said...

I love the name "strikk", maybe it's because I'm Norwegian, but I find it exotic and catchy, something you'll remember surrounded by the English linguistics.