....and fail!

every now and again, we fail here at strikk - and this was definitely one of those fails.  not quite sure what happened with this particular cushion and i can't quite figure it out, but there is something that just didn't work.  possibly the circle didn't work out correctly - even though i followed the graph, there seems to be a flatness about it.
so this is the first and the last time i'm doing circles.  not sure if you've ever knitted a circle - if you have, please drop me a line - i would love to know how it turned out.  hopefully not such a big fail as these cushions.  and no, these are not available for sale in any shop! 
back to the err, knitting board methinks.


Jesse said...

Oh, how frustrating! I can't think of any way to improve 'circle knitting' except to change the scale - knitting with much thinner needles and wool would add more 'pixels' and round out the flat bits.

ZIZO label said...

can't you embroider some accents on it, with maybe a contrasting colour?