about custom orders and yarn reviews

i think of all the things i end up knitting, its the custom orders that i enjoy the most - someone else has the idea and i get to knit - which as far as i'm concerned is pretty cool.  i've been knitting cable cushions for a while and always find them hugely satisfying (i finally made a chocolate brown cable cushion for myself) but a lovely customer asked if i could make two cushions from yarn i have not used before.  so this got me thinking, that i never really talk about the yarn i use, so welcome now to my first in a series of yarn reviews (what the heck, why not).

i knitted up the aubergine cable cushion using the Rowan Belle Organic Aran - a blend of 50% organic wool and 50% organic cotton.  the yarn works out to slightly more expensive than usual, but that's probably due to its organic-ness.
have to admit, this yarn was rather yummy (if you can call yarn yummy) - knits up beautifully and actually 50 grams goes a long way.  the end result is a yarn with a lovely silky feel that will hold its shape.  the only downside is that its hand wash only (i always knit cushions in yarn that can be machine-washed) but i think that's a small price for something this lovely. 
if you have ever knitted with the Belle Organic range, please let me know how you found it.

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