champagne and craft

i have a very clever friend, Joanne, who sews and documents her sewing over at the hilariously written stitch and witter - yesterday we thought we'd do a mini-crafting afternoon (well, its an excuse to drink champagne if you ask me) in preparation for her upcoming crafting afternoon next weekend (more to follow on that).  turned out to be a great afternoon (and a very sore head this morning!).
i was happy to see my first ever etsy purchase was being put to good use.
um, about that champagne.
i love the little tops Joanne made from her original zara purchase (she speaks about the whole behind the scenes process here - and now you wonder why i don't sew then) - but i think it looks gorgeous. very clever.
and this is me in action - its nice to knit with larger needles for a change - get to knit a little faster than usual.
and the end result.  cute little basketweave baby blankets.
available at strikk big cartel and

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