new on strikk....and we fade to grey

ok, i'm going to give away my age here, but there was a song in the (um) 80s - fade to grey, visage - not sure if anyone remembers it.  unfortunately i do.  but everytime i work with grey yarn for some reason that tune spins around my head (yes. i don't know either).  but having said that, my favourite colour happens to be grey (again. i don't know either).

and soon it will be winter and in celebration (no really) we've knitted a new hotwater bottle cover in a bobble effect pattern using our favourite elle pure gold yarn.

keeping with the grey theme of this post, we also finished off a new plaited cable cushion - loving the massive 50 x 50 cm size of these cushions even if they take ages to knit.

both the hottie and the cushion are available in my etsy and notonthehighstreet shops.

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