apologies for the radio silence, but having just moved and also having no internet in the new house, means i find myself beg, borrowing and stealing internet connection where i can - and then of course forgetting half the things i'm meant to be doing, but i did spot this the other day - it's not exactly knitting, but my goodness, still mind-bogglingly (is there such a word?) brilliant.
Dana Barnes is the artist and this is from an installation called UNSPUN : Tangled and Fused - a natural fibre and felting process resulting in wonderful sculptural pieces.  unfortunately i cannot seem to find more information about the artist on line, however, there are some further photos and background over at this Design Milk post 
so the only thing about not having internet connection at home means i get to spend a lot of time in the new garden knitting, and it's meant to be a great indian summer week here in london, which of course adds greatly to any bit of productivity.
happy monday :-) x

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