Winter's covered...results

I have to admit to being very nervous to do my own little blog give-away, but have found it to be quite fun.  Thank you for all the lovely comments and winter survival tips, they were great.
So after having said I'd draw the names from a hat, realised that I don't actually own a hat, so had to raid the kitchen cupboard instead, and here we go....
I know, the suspense is killing me too.....! (ah, and I see my windowsill's a little dusty too.)
And the winner is......
Yay! Thank you so much for taking part.  Congratulations Mojca, I'll drop you a line to get your details.


Mojca said...

Hi Tanya,

Just checked and noticed the winner's name. Wow, that's wonderful, thank you very much.

strikk handknits said...


Are you able to drop me an email with your address etc. to strikk_strikk[at] and I can send your your hottie :-) For some reason I cannot seem to find contact details on your link.