New city, new you.

Writing this whilst sick - flu - awful.  I blame my new home, far too much fresh air, clean and clear water and the beer is way too strong!  Yip, I've moved to Zurich and got sick.
Moving countries and starting a new job all in the last two weeks was more stress inducing than I thought, and on top of that still trying to knit orders (which are very far behind, alas).  So whilst I sit and recover and knit away, some first impressions of my new city.
Oh, and this photo, thought it looked really effective to crochet the photos together.

So far woolshops seem a little thin on the ground, but hopefully we'll spot some soon else there may be a hefty Ebay shipping bill on the horizon.


Stitchandwitter said...

Wow great pics - i LOVE the crocheted frames - what a fab idea. Hope you feel better soon sicky bird. xxx

strikk handknits said...

I know, I thought the frames were very clever.
Thank you - now back to bed....meh :-(