Haven't done a Spotted in a while, not because I haven't been spotting things, but just life and all that.  But these series of photos of South African artist Mary Sibande thought was worth sharing.  The images are striking, maybe controversial, definitely beautiful, but for me (and alas, it always comes down to this) was the use of yarn and a spot of knitting that made me want to share this.
(photos via The Guardian)
By far my favourite - love the serenity in her face looking at her needles, but still a powerful statement.
I could, of course, be interpreting this all wrong, what do you think?


dredwinf ford said...

What a beautiful art........

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Tanja said...

beautiful indeed. the whole creating, unraveling, domestic (in the many senses of how that word is used in SA), the untangling of threads of history. that's what I see, maybe I'm also getting it wrong. thanks for spotting, zurich knit lady.

Heidi Mikalsen Nymann said...

So cool!! I will have to share that on Wool Rocks

PS hope you're doing well in your new city

PS PS I'll still feature Strikk on the blog soon - probably in January