knit inspirations

when i did the two day of we make / of cabbages & kings craft fair at the beginning of the month, i was very fortunate to meet the knitter behind ileaiye - i am completely in awe of not only her success on etsy (we're in the 500 sales) but also her knitting and her beautiful creations.

my meeting inspired me to keep going with strikk and also the advice and insights (and just the really friendly chat) was invaluable for me....the only thing is that there is no way i could knit with such large needles!

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cherylline said...

Wow, I'm delighted to be featured on your blog, and such a lovely write up, thanks so much. It was a pleasure to meet you also at WeMake. You're a very talented knitter yourself, just as you wish you could knit on large kneedles, I wish I could knit some of the fantastic stitches you use. keep up the great work.