one can only dream

not sure if i've ever mentioned, but i'm obsessed with homes and home interiors - the amount of decor magazines lying around the house i think bares testament to that. so, i spend some time trawling the online sales notices of some norwegian websites and came across this..

they say no man is an island, i think i could be very happy on my own island.
i love the traditional norwegian wood interiors.
and if you happen to have NOK9,000,000 you could check out the deal here
but i think this one may actually be the one for me....yours for NOK22,000,000, but i think it may be worth it.
and look at the interior pics - the differences between the seasons are still so beautiful.
the full details are here
and that's my dreaming done for today.

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Anonymous said...

wow! the winter pic is lovely! I can't believe how much difference the weather makes to the interior....

...I think I want to move!