break in transmission

i haven't been around for the last week as there has been some pretty emotional things going on at home.i hope to be back in action as soon as i can.
can you believe that at this time, i even find it difficult to knit!


Jesse said...

Hope things get better soon. (I love the graphic you used!)

L'Atelier said...

OH dear! I hope things are getting better soon!!!
lots of love

ZIZO label said...

Hello Tanya,
I do not know you personally, but I am following your blog for a while now. You inspire me by your hardworking and your photos.
It is not nice to read then that your personal life is difficult, so I wish you all the best!
Christien, ZIZO label, NL

Anonymous said...

I hope things sort themselves out soon

best wishes


Kate England | Marmalade Moon said...

Hi Tanya, fellow Unraveller here to visit. Hope things get better soon!

I really love browsing your blog and your Etsy store! Oh, and I was thinking, knitted flower garlands would be amazing eh?

Anonymous said...

Have only just seen this, I hope things are improving and that you're ok.

How did the market go on Saturday? You're things are so beautiful you are bound to have sold out!Better start knitting your hot water bottle covers, not long before we'll be needing them.....