bring on the winter!

eek, its been a while since i posted, but i have a small excuse, i have moved and trying to get some normality back to my life.....

but i have been busy - and i can say that i've finally finished my collection (oh my goodness, cannot believe i just used that word!) of hot water bottles for winter.
i'm definitely making myself one this year. definitely. i know kitty will appreciate it.

i upped the star ante and used 100% organic cotton yarn from cape town.

they're in my etsy and shops.
bring on winter!


L'Atelier said...

spring has moved into the cape- so thinking of hotwater bottles- well its odd
these are very gorgeous and one could consider using them with cold water ;)
hope you settled in well in the new home!
(were you forced to move because you spent toooo much time in the selvegde shop? ;))

ZIZO label said...

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