knit accessories

i have a lot of wool - lots of wool. i know this because when i moved recently, much of the stuff i took was wool! my new flat is a bit smaller than the old house which means i have to be more organised and neater. i thought i would do a trawl around etsy to see what i could find to help me in my neatness quest.
the box tote is from RoseKnits and we found a pretty cool knitting needle case from sarahkincheloe

we're loving the knitting tote from thefunkybaglady and the knitting basket from designsmayamade

how cool is this apron from strandit

and i know this isn't exactly something to keep knitting neat and tidy, but i love love these teatowels from girlscantell

and you know, i just realised, i don't have any teatowels......i need to go shopping!


L'Atelier said...

LOL! the tea towels are great!
love the totes and all the other niffty organisers!

Ann-Marie said...

WOW! you found some cool items!
thanks so much for adding my tote bag to your list!! :)

Jesse said...

Love the apron! I know what you mean about lots of wool - when I moved my studio I waited till I was alone in the house before moving the wool. I didn't want to have to explain.

denise said...

I can't stop thinking about knitting lately. I've just unpacked my needles--it's knitting season!

GinaTricoteur said...

Those towels are fantastic...perfect for girls who love to knit :) thanks for posting these lovely items :)