friday foto

last year i got to spend some time with my cousin in oslo - it was cold and grey the day we dragged ourselves away from making our warm waffles to take a walk around vigeland sculpture park.
fascinating park - i think i go there almost every time i'm in oslo. there are 212 of these wonderfully sculptured figures, with the main feature being the monolith of 121 human figures (bottom photo).

happy weekend all :-)

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by-louise said...

wow tanya this is amazing! makes me want to go to Norway to see it for myself! i want to also as you some knitting advice if you don't mind - We your travelling home to SA can you take your knittin needles in your hand luggage? Just I'm going to Hong Kong soon and Knitting would pass the 16 hour flight nicely! Thanks and hope to see you at a market soon! Louise x