custom order with a bit of colour for good measure

i'm not sure if this photo is doing justice to the size of the cushion, but its a massive 61 x 61 cm affair - one of the larger custom orders i have done. i don't seem to do such large cushions generally as they take a while to complete and by the time you've finished, they're rather heavy on the needles, but when they're finished, they're pretty impressive.
of course, pistachio should be offset with a few etsy finds in the same colour and i found this fabulous ceramic spoon rest at CiraCeramics
and how gorgeous is this felted squirrel tea cosy from fuzzylogicfelt.
and on that note, i'm off for some tea....

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L'Atelier said...

the colour is amazing- and the size of the cushion is impressive.
enjoy your tea :)