tips and tricks

i'm always on the lookout for knitting tips and tricks - most of the time i can't remember them and struggle along as usual, but here are some that i've managed to remember:

  • to make sure sleeves are even, knit both sleeves at the same time on one needle - they'll be exact when completed.

  • i always decrease one stitch in from the edge - keeps the edging smooth.

  • when joining yarn, i split my yarn and then twirl them back in and knit it altogether (not sure if this tip makes any sense, but i promise it works and looks much neater).

  • i always knit on circular needles, not because i'm knitting in the round, but i find them easier to work with - you don't end up "flying" with your elbows on the tube or bus and you don't lose your needles either, bonus!

now if i could only just organise all my knitting patterns then i'll be completely sorted - but alas, they lie all over the place - at least i've learnt to write my patterns as i'm working on them!

if you have any tips, post a comment, i'd love to hear how you do things.

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