the cutest little wool shop in london

this has got to be the cutest and most fantastic wool shop in london.  its called, rather appropriately i think, knit with attitude
the shop is run by the lovely Maya (pictured above closest to the camera) of Mayab and like me, she was also taught to knit by her grandmother. there are some more behind the scenes footage over at Maya's blog here
i absolutely loved the wool in the shop, a gorgeous collection and even more so as some of the wool is by viking of norway (rather appropriate as Maya is norwegian!).
if you get a chance, go down and have a look and pop in.  Knit with Attitude is at 228b Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7HU.


Anonymous said...

What a great write up! Fab photo's and whose is that lovely cushion on the stool ;)

L'Atelier said...

looks like a fab place, and if i am in london i will definitely visit it :)

Helen said...

I smiled when I saw this shop as I charged round the one way on my bike. 'Yes! I thought, something new and exciting' I hope it goes really well for her. I'm not a big knitter but any shop selling making stuff is good for me. Well done for showing it off Miss Strikk. x

Mengsel said...

So sweet! Makes me want to knit (something I haven't done in years)