winter knitted up : new on strikk

right, i think i can say with certainty now that we've pretty much got winter sorted at strikk.  the final in our howater covers for winter 2010 / 2011.

i've used a vinni yarn again (from south africa) which has been hand-dyed and spun by ladies in job creation projects.  gorgeously soft when knitted up and very pretty, but my goodness does one have to concentrate (cue audiobooks - cannot watch tv and knit with this yarn, not a chance) - i guess its because its such a soft, smilky yarn that makes it more fiddly.  i'm wondering if anyone else has this problem?
so, i'll call this a concentrated knit piece that ends up very warm and pretty.
this hottie available in my etsy and uglybegone shops. 
and i think that's pretty much winter knitted up.


tanja said...

a delicious range indeed - love the pics too. may they warm many an icy toe!

Marie said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog - really nice products and colours. I came across this South African crochet project and thought you might be interested (or maybe you already know about it), as I just saw that you use yarn from a SA job creation project.