market time.

if you're around and still need to do your christmas shopping (yes, like me) then can i suggest you head on down to rather delightful and constantly brilliant Of Cabbages market in stoke newington this weekend.

we'll be there along with some of my favourite clever makers.......

very happy to see Edwyn has added some kitties............yay!
always inspired by the lovely By-Louise.

and then Jim Bob is guaranteed to be cool as always.
and don't forget, Knit with Attitude (which we blogged here) will also be making an appearance along with a few other newbies.  so, yip, definitely the place to be this sunday!

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LuliBags said...

Hello, I'll be selling there too on Sunday. Hoping to finish my Christmas shopping as well - should be easy judging by the lovely items above. Looking forward to it. Lucinda