new on strikk.....and clever friends

so, if you've been following new york fashion week, you'll know that the its all about the muted autumnal trends - well, we may have gotten it correct, possibly.....but we've knitted our next colourcross cushion in strong (earthy? autumnal?) terracotta with white cross.
again, we've used our favourite south african courtelle yarn (struggling to source this yarn in the uk is proving to be trying.....come on elle yarns, we need you to export to the uk...).  but still we stick to what we know and love.
the cushions is available in my etsy and shops.

and, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to my very, very clever friend J.......and my lovely birthday present i received from her - all handmade and very very cool.  love it.  

thank you J, i'm so honoured and will treasure your gift - you're one talented gal *mwah* - and try as i might, she's not going to try her hand at selling (well, not just yet, anyway......).

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