if you're in the uk, you may be watching the rather brilliant scandi-thriller the killing (this is from someone who is somewhat obsessed with scandi-crime writers and no, i don't include mr larsen i'm afraid....) - anyway, the star of the show has to be sarah lund's hanknitted jumper
i did little bit of digging around to see if i could find out any information on the talented jumper knitters - turns out its a little company located in the faroe islands who handknit beautiful designs.
a few of my favourites i spotted.
(um, you might recognise the bauble effect from my handknitted washmits - although a long away away from this jumper)
the company is called gudrun & gudrun - please have a look at their shop and blog, truly beautiful designs - very talented and i love the fact they say "its good to come to Europe for input and inspiration, but its good to come back home to the silence" - aah.....sigh! my kind of knitters.


min-design-strikk said...

I love their design, they are fantastic

have a nice weekend :)

min-design-strikk said...

this sweater remind`s me of an danish series!! where the police woman use such a sweater all the time :)

strikk handknits said...

hehe, I think I know which one :-)