so this is what happens to a strikk cushion

it gets to live in this beautiful home.
 i am always very honoured when someone buys a cushion from me -  i do wonder though  where my cushions end up.  it probably sounds weird but when i knit, i often imagine what the customer's home would be like (i know futile seeing as i have no idea!) - where my cushion would fit in.  customers often explain what their home looks like (or the couch at least) - especially if i am knitting a custom order - so that kind of helps, but such a fantastic surprise to receive an email from the gorgeous Christen of Twirlingbetty all the way in Melbourne, Australia. 
you can read all about her home transformation here- hilariously written too.
so now i know what happens to a strikk cushion.


meriurdu said...

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Mette said...

Must definitely be fun to see you production in it's new setting. There is an award for you on my blog