blog loving

i got an award....yip, well chuffed.  the lovely and clever Mette, the norwegian blogger of tilflukt awarded me a Liebster Blog Award - hah!
the idea behind the award is to bring attention to bloggers with less than 100 followers - bloggers that i follow and like and want others to know about.  so i'm passing on my lovely award to three lovely bloggers i think are pretty cool....

mengsel - i am a great fan of Luzelle - a fellow south african also currently living in london - you've got to have a look at her fabulous prints and teatowels.  clever chick, that one.
l'atelier - Asiye, another south african, very clever photographer and even more amazing crochet-er.  my favourite is her weekly "review of the week" photos - makes me dream of home.
twirling betty - a fellow law-type who has a fantastic creative streak.  Christen's blog is not only very beautiful, but has great tutorials as well as being brilliantly and hilariously written.
so those are my Libester Blog Awards


Anonymous said...

Well thank you lovely lady. That is very sweet indeed and you made me blush with your lovely description of my blog. Sending hugs from my side of the world to yous. I'm off to check out the others. xx

Alison - Belovedly said...
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