i'm a big fan of Holly Becker and her blog decor8 - her finds are, to me, always beautiful, interesting and inspiring and her writing is intimate and, when i got my confirmation that i managed to get a spot at her Liberty store (gosh, do i love that shop!) launch, i was chuffed.
to say i was inspired is an understatement.  Holly held a invite-only (ja, that would be me) pre-book signing chat - talking about Decorate book (beautiful) but also about blogging in general (when a blogger like Holly speaks, you sit up and take notice).  what struck me was that Holly is living her dream - as a little girl she used to write out books and hand them to her teddies (love that story!) - and that got me thinking again, what was my dream?  knitting was always a dream and i realised i'm incredibly honoured to be able to knit and even more honoured that there are others that like what i do.  its good to be reminded of that.
we then proceeded to the styling talk - clever ideas using lovely Liberty fabrics (did i tell you how much i love Liberty!), beautiful ceramics and re-working vintage items.  it works.  its pretty.  and its very very inspiring.
i had a great evening.  completely motivated to go and clean my flat in preparation for Holly's next book. (apologies for over-use of the word "inspiring" - but it really was...)


L'Atelier said...

so wish i could have gone... thanks for sharing

vosges paris said...

It is beautiful to meet people who do you realize you have to live your dreams ;) I love your post