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been a bit busy knitting over here - a few new custom orders at the moment which i am so impatient to finish as i know these are going to look fabulous - but in the meantime i've been experimenting with lace and eyelet patterns for a new trio of vase cosies for 2011 (i actually can never quite decide if vase cosy is actually the right description but will have to do for the meantime).
i had great fun knitting these - always like to try something new pattern-wise.  i used cotton double knit (tricky for me as the cotton "slips" when knitted - not sure if anyone else has the same problem with slinky cotton).
i've used this pattern for the white cover before - in fact, it was my first pattern i used to cover a vase, but i think it came out much better in the white.
the next was much more of a lace pattern - which means a bit more concentrating and not so much tv-watching.  but happy with the results of the mustard vase - in fact this may be my favourite.
the last one i did was in actually a very beautiful shade of green but i fear the photographs may not have done it justice.  again, a new pattern learnt although i have a confession to make, i couldn't remember what ST st was (i kept knitting a rib pattern and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working out - and then "doh" i remembered what stocking stitch was.......yes, it happens to the best of us).

the cosies are available in both my etsy and notonthehighstreet shops - to purchase singly or as a trio.
(and if you're wondering why we're all at an angle - couldn't fit the whole vase in the frame, so decided on a bit of artistic, i hadn't been drinking too much wine!)

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