the life of a strikk cushion cont......

in my quest to fill each room with knits, i have once again been lucky enough to see where a strikk cushion ends up - this time its one of my handknitted colourblock cushions.
i am always honoured to get a glimpse and this photo i received from a lovely customer is just gorgeous - and i'm really chuffed my cushion is part of such a cool home!  i love how the owner has used different designs and sizes of cushions (check out the dog...) and they all work well together - and more importantly, it all looks so comfortable!
thank you so much K for sending me a photo of your lovely home - it looks absolutely gorgeous.  
i'm working on a new cushion for K which i will blog about shortly - she's chosen a really pretty colour combination which is going to look very cool (if i must say so myself!)

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