new on strikk

i really debated as to whether or not i would knit some new hanger sets for this season - firstly they're quite finnicky to knit (i'm used to knitting large items for cushions) and then there's always the colour combinations - but then i couldn't resist (besides i thought it was time i made some for myself).

this was the first set i did - the avocado and purple yarns happen to be stacked next to each other and it really seemed to work as combination.
the grey and terracotta is lifted from the latest living etc magazine cover - the lettering using grey and orange.
blue and red - can't get more nautical than that.
and finally fuschia pink (love this colour) offset with a more neutral ecru.
and there we go - we should have wardrobes all covered for 2011.
available from my etsy and shops.
and keep an eye out - we're working on our first ever give-away for next week..... (yikes, i'm nervous).

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