one day i'll have a knit studio - one day (well, it'll be a room, with a very comfy chair and lots and lots of yarn and a table and a kitty), in the meantime, i came across - a collection of portland artists and creators and their studios.  of course, the one i drooled over the most was that of Jo Hamilton

um, did i mention also i'm obsessed with globes and maps....and look how cleverly these are displayed.

i love how all the yarn is colour-coded into tonal ranges - from warm to cool.  very clever (and very organised).


Anni said...

I'd love a studio like that. My current 'studio' consists of a small bedroom where I store everything, dye yarn & use my knitting machine. All my computer work, knitting, swatching, designing etc is done in the lounge which also has my dress form, linker and spinning wheel plus lots of yarn. No wonder my family is fed up. Saving up to convert garage into a studio.

Jane said...

Oh my! That's an incredible studio!