summer boutiques and things

the we make london summer boutique is happening right now - for the week until 9 July 2011 - and believe you me, if you're in london, its worth stopping in for a look, a browse and a purchase (and no, i'm not saying this because i'm part of it.....well, maybe just a bit).
we popped round last night for the launch party and it was so lovely to see so many talented sellers in one go - have to say a big "well done" to Mary and her helpers from we make london - i dropped off stock early in the morning - there was nothing in the shop except a massive unsightly table, but they turned it around into something gorgeous.
it was also wonderful to meet some other inspiring sellers - lovely gorgeous things (besides being absolutely hilarious, she also is a deft hand at scrumptious skincare products), and the dreamy creations of tara winona (um, just check out her studio going round there for tea!) and last, but not least, Chloe of hatastic - one gorgeous, classy lady!
so, if this isn't enough reason to get down to we make summer boutique this week, then i've failed or you live in another country :-)
methinks hampstead is a very pretty part of london - just saying.

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ScandianvianMum said...

Hampstead is beautiful! It's like you forget that your are in a 12 mill people cosmopolitan capital, rather thinking it's a tiny village some remote place.