Real Living Magazine

So, excited, yes, very, when a lovely customer for whom I had knitted some colourblock cushions for, contacted me to let me know her amazing house had been featured in the Australian Real Living Magazine - and was kind enough to send me some of the pages.
And yes, all front doors should be pink from now on!
This was a custom colourblock cushion I knitted up - initially we tried a few colours with the red, but then settled on the traditional white and red which works best in this gorgeously simple bedroom.
Thank you so much K for sending me the pics, so divine and so lovely.


Stitchandwitter said...

Fantastic! What a super-stylish home. Must be so lovely to see your creations in situ. Well done indeed :)

strikk handknits said...

aah, you always so kind :-)

Janice Robertson said...

Your cushions really fit in well in this stylish home. Well done. x

strikk handknits said...

aah, thank you Janice.
it's a gorgeous home indeed :-)

tanja said...

inspiring to see your cushions in new combinations, especially in this cooler than cool setting. makes me think, if a whole lot of different cushions got merchandised together...hmm. lovely.

strikk handknits said...

thank you, thank you.
like your idea of putting them altogether - clevers :-)