Saturday Post

I think my next door neighbour probably heard my squeals of delight on Saturday after the post man arrived with an overseas delivery - you see, I'd been a little cheeky after hearing about the lovely feature in the December Australian Real Living magazine, I thought I would see if I could get my hands on a copy of the magazine.  So, and here's the cheeky bit, I asked a lovely customer and shop owner, Christen of Twirling Betty (think I may have mentioned her before) if possibly (now bare in mind I'm asking this question in January - way after the December issue has been and gone from the stores) she may either have a copy lying around or know where one could get one.  
Well, and this is the clever bit, Christen managed to find one, and even more lovely, she offered to send me a copy and that's the story behind the Saturday squeals of delight.
Not only did I get a lovely magazine, I also got a little surprise too.  
Now all I need to do is make a cake so I can show off my gorgeous cake bunting.
Thank you Christen - so much, truly sweet, fabulous, kind and wonderful of you.  I'm holding you to the gin and tonic, one day! :-) xx
Have a look at Christen's shop - so pretty.  And she has a pretty cool blog too - full of fun inspirational things to do and make.


Fleur Cotton said...

How exciting! No wonder you squealed!! I'd be over the moon if I ever saw my little knits in print.

Happy Knitting
Fleur xx

strikk handknits said...

Aah, thank you Fleur. Yip, so excited, had to have an afternoon nap :-)