A very quick post here, but had to share these lovely knits found via The Sartorialist (which of course as I've mentioned before, should always be read in conjunction with Go Fug Yourself).  But the knits, the knits, so beautiful.
The first photo is from Michael Kors Winter 2012 - the mix of a lovely sparkly skirt and (what looks to me to be hand knit) Aran jersey is just beautiful.  The stitch and the neckline all work together.  Would love to know how it feels, hopefully more sumptious than Aran-y (if that makes sense).  And funny enough, the way the neckline is positioned is exactly how I wear my roll necks (just saying....).
The second photo is from Chloe Fall / Winter 2012 - again, big thick jersey over what looks like interesting satin trousers.  Lovely thick neck and interesting cable-work.  Would assume by looking at it that it's hand knit.  Pretty use of colours too.
Inspired now to finally, and I mean it, finally knit a jumper for myself.  Watch this space.


Fleur Cotton said...

Love those jumpers, particularly the one from the Chloe Fall collection.

Sometimes it's hard to get motivated for such a big knit....looking forward to seeing your progress.....not sure about wearing the neckline like that I'd end up with my makeup all over it!

Happy Knitting
Fleur xx

abby said...

That skirt in the first picture is SO pretty. Can wait for the cheap knock-offs!

strikk handknits said...

Thank you Fleur.
Agree on the big knit bit, but these are too much inspiration to pass up. He he, make-up indeed, although having said that, all my roll tops are black..... :-)

strikk handknits said...

Completely agree with you Abby. Love the skirt.....