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We've been fiddling with our settings and updating the look over at our shop and have to admit we like it.  Always thought that websites should be white and pale, but it seems a kind of gunmetal grey is the online look of the moment, so there we go.  Any comments, ideas, thoughts (good or bad) most welcome.
But back to the post at hand, and I was asked to do a custom order moss stitch cushion with some interesting requirements, the first of which being "we have a big family room which means we need cushions to withstand much family-ness" - challenge indeed.
Those of you who knit know how yarn can "fluff", especially not a good look for a cushion, so after much thought and online trawling, decided on using a lovely silky yarn, but doubling it up.
Not sure how you feel about knitting with two strands, but I've never been a fan.  I know there are some knitters who use three strands and more, but not for me.  But having said all that, the end result was actually very pleasing.  The cushion is definitely a lot heavier though (not used to that), but I think it will withstand a hectic family room.
We've liked it so much, we've put it up in our shop here and here.


Catherine said...

The double yarn works well with the cushions, it adds interest - I like it in other colours too. Elegant, stylish and unfussy - just like a gunmetal grey website

strikk handknits said...

Thank you, still trying to convince myself on the double yarn, but maybe will try something new.
Hehe, yes, gunmetal grey, who would have thought :-)

Monica said...

I think the cushion is double awesome!

I like the new look and feel of the blog. Is the perfect shade of grey for my taste. Happy knitting!

strikk handknits said...

Ah thank you Catherine. Cannot tell you how nervous I was, but glad it turned out. Seems customer was very happy with it too :-)