Book Review

Ok, so I'm spoilt, what can I say.  Spoilt by friends who give me absolutely beautiful birthday gifts, one of which from lovely Maya from Knit With Attitude (you may remember I featured the best lil'wool shop in London here) with this little book (well not so little).
Not a knitting pattern book as such, but rather an exploration of what knitting is all about and how it can form such a part of life.  The first few sentences did make me laugh though, "Do you ever stop to think what it is that keeps drawing you back to your needles and yarns?  Do you screech to a halt whenever you see the sign "Yarn Store?"" - yip, that pretty much sums me up when it comes to knitting.  Right now my life revolves around it.
The book is filled with great anecdotes, advice, a whole "Meet the Knitter" series and little challenges on trying new yarns, new styles, new ideas - and glorious photos.
Also, dissecting the different elements of style.
Although the little bit on knitting in public I did find amusing - especially the suggestion.  I see they missed out the Pub, but did suggest a motorcycle - really?
Fabulous book to dip into every now and again and get excited about knitting all over again (although for most, that just takes looking at needles and yarn - I know, it can be sad.....).  
Maya has copies in her shop here
Finger knitting, now there's something haven't done since school.


Fleur Cotton said...

What a great book this looks!

Thanks for the recommendation, will definitely go on my 'I want one' list!

Fleur xx

strikk handknits said...

Thank you Fleur.
Indeed, a lovely little book to dip in and out of as it takes the fancy.